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All your beauty questions...answered!
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This community covers makeup, body products, hair products, fashion, and anything beauty related so have fun and ask away! Feel free to share tips, secrets, favorite brands and product reviews. Show us your makeovers, beauty product collections and tutorials. There will be contests, giveaways with prizes, and much more!


If your post was deleted, chances are it was in violation of one or more of the following rules. Please read them before contacting a mod with questions related to the deletion of your post.

#1 Always CHECK the MEMORIES, TAGS & GOOGLE before posting. If your question is very frequently asked and/or the answer can be easily found by checking the memories, tags, or through a simple Google search, your post will be deleted without warning.

#2 All posts MUST include a meaningful SUBJECT and all relevant TAGS. We encourage posts to be organized, clearly written, and easy to comprehend. Posts that are missing a title, tags and/or are difficult to read will be rejected from the moderation queue.

#3 Use an LJ-cut if your post 1) is very long, 2) contains anything NSFW, 3) contains more than one picture, videos, etc. Don't know how to use an LJ-cut? Follow me here.

#4 As a continuation of Rule #3, only one (1) image is allowed outside of an LJ-cut. Large pictures (over 500 pixels in width or 500 pixels in height) may never be outside of an LJ-cut.

#5 Do not disable, screen or delete comments/posts. Contact one of the mods at beauty101mods@gmail.com if a post is getting out of hand. When emailing, please include a link to the post in question and your LJ username. For all other situations or when in doubt, always contact a mod first before taking any action.

#6 Be respectful of others in this community. We encourage open discussion and not everyone will always agree. Rude, hostile, abusive and otherwise offensive behavior/language will not be tolerated and may be grounds for banning.

#7 Off-topic and very frequently asked question posts will be deleted. Off-topic posts can be made in beauty101_etc.

#8 No promotion of any kind allowed (communities, personal, sales, etc). Communities can be promoted at community_promo, and sales/swaps posts can be made at the communities listed here.

#9 No commissioned links of any kind in posts. This is strictly enforced.

#10 While we understand that there are many different views on what is beautiful, we cannot encourage or support our members in dangerous or harmful activities in the pursuit of beauty. Such posters will be referred to the appropriate resources and their posts may be frozen or deleted.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, etc. please email the mods at beauty101mods [at] gmail [dot] com. Do not bring unresolved issues into to the community. When emailing, please include your LJ username. While we may not act on all suggestions, we do welcome your input.


At times, beauty101 may not be the appropriate community for certain topics. If your post would be better suited for any of the following communities, we not only encourage you, but we prefer that you post it there instead.


Related Off-LJ resources:

The Suicide Prevention Lifeline - for people in crisis, includes phone hotline and online chat with counselors
The Hotline - for victims and survivors of domestic violence
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration - locator for mental health services for US residents
RAINN - the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network
Women's Health.gov - for general women's health information
Planned Parenthood - general health services, including STI testing, pregnancy options counseling, etc.
Anxiety and Depression Association of America - for anxiety, depression and self-image related disorders


If you would like to become a sister community with beauty101, please e-mail beauty101mods [@] gmail [dot] com.


beauty101 was created and is currently owned by: stasiia

Current moderators are: caliginous, logicoflove, nafrate, rightkindaphase, stasiia, sylvir, vertigo25, xhollydayx

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