Magic Shaving Powder on bikini line?

11:25 pm - 05/04/2009
Sooo in a recent post I read that there is this amazing thing called "Magic Shaving Powder" that essentially is the godsend of shaving down there for females, but when I went online to read some stuff on it I got REALLY mixed reviews, with a lot of "OMG THIS IS AMAZING" but also quite a bit of "DON'T EVER USE THIS IT BURNS"

Now, I really really want to start going bare down there because my SO prefers it that way but I refuse to do it without a method that won't leave me with razor burn/stubble in a day or two, because shaving down there constantly is way too much hassle.

Soo I figured I'd come here and ask those of you who've ever used Magic Shaving Powder:

a) Did it work? How well?
b) How long/short does your hair have to be to work?
c) How often can you use it w/o irritation?
d) How long before stubble starts showing?
e) Typically how much do you use? I know the ratio is usually 1 part powder to 1 part water, or maybe a little more, but how much does it take?

Thanks ahead of time!!!! ♥


Anyone used the cream shave version of this? I'm wondering if it's less messy, but worried if it's less effective too...?
amalishus 5th-May-2009 07:06 am (UTC)
I used it on my bikini area and belly.

It did work. Some spots were better than others but I didn't time it perfectly or it might have (I just guessed at 5-7 minutes).

It doesn't matter how long or short. It's a depilatory. It doesn't have to grab onto anything. It's just like Nair or Veet but it's gentler. Short hair is probably better though.

I don't know but you're supposed to wait at least 36 hours between uses.

Mine started showing the same as it always does 1-2 days later. On my stomach where the hair isn't as coarse though it was probably a week or so before it started coming back.

Depends on the area you're using it on. You want enough to cover but not so much that it's globbed on. It doesn't have to be thick. I tried the one part water to one part powder but it was really runny so I just mixed a little here and there til I got it looking like it wouldn't run. I made enough to do my bikini area, belly and played around with it on my hands (LOL my dad's genes were hairy ones).

There was no irritation for me but I also can use Veet without irritation so my skin probably isn't as sensitive as some.
beatific 5th-May-2009 07:48 am (UTC)
So do you use it as your main shaving tool, then? I'm going to go out and try it tomorrow just for the hell of it since it's so cheap, but just wondering how useful it is hahaha!

Also have you ever used the cream version?
amalishus 5th-May-2009 06:33 pm (UTC)
I don't use it as my main shaving tool but mostly because my shower/bath time is limited because I have a 6 month old LOL. If I had the free time to deal with it I probably would. Then again I don't worry about my bikini area being completely smooth because except for times I wear a bathing suit the only people who see it are my bf and I and he's seen me give birth so he's not too picky about how it looks ;)

I've never used the cream kind. I've only used the fragrant one (in the yellow and black can). I don't know how well the cream works, sorry :(
beatific 5th-May-2009 07:51 am (UTC)
Oh! And how did you keep it wet? If you used a spray bottle, where'd you buy a clean/empty one, haha?

Sorry sorry sorry that I have sooo many questions...I'm a very inquisitive person!
miaoudeminou 5th-May-2009 06:19 pm (UTC)
You can get spray bottles at a Sally Beauty supply store, Walmart, Target, or your local dollar store.
amalishus 5th-May-2009 06:30 pm (UTC)
Well, really all I did was if I saw it drying out I got my hand wet and kind of patted it so it was wet again. I wasn't prepared like I should have been haha.

You can get cheap spray bottles at Wal-Mart. They're empty so you can put whatever you want in them. Especially now that summer time is rolling around a lot of stores will have them.
miaoudeminou 5th-May-2009 07:07 am (UTC)
a) Yes, but you still get stubble like shaving. It does come back in softer though.
b)It doesn't really seem to matter when I use it but you might want to trim first if it's close to an inch.
c) Well on the can it says to use it every 3 days. I do that and haven't noticed irritation. I'm curious if people use it more often 'cause... (read on to the next question)
d) It only lasts me about 2-3 days before I get stubble. I find it too messy to use as often as most people do.
e) You want to keep it as thick as possible without it being dry (if that makes sense). Possibly the consistency of yogurt. I usually use a shot glass to slowly add in water because I have problems with it being too liquidy.

Over all I say you're probably better off with exfoliating down there then shaving with the way the hair grows. I haven't found ANY type of depilatories that help me stay smooth for a long time but I'm a really hairy woman. I found this stuff to be messy and not really worth it unless you have a LOT of time on your hands to mix this just right and to let it do it's thing. Then you also have to keep it wet, yes you can't let it dry, or it doesn't work! I find that any spray bottle you are going to use will make it drip and thus make a HUGE mess.
miaoudeminou 5th-May-2009 07:09 am (UTC)
c) forgot to add that many woman use it near their pink areas (they cover the pink bits with petroleum jelly) and it doesn't burn/irritate unless you leave it on longer than the recommended time.
beatific 5th-May-2009 07:50 am (UTC)
Okay awesome, good to you just use shaving then? Did you notice any significant "smoothness" using this compared to shaving? (I'm referring to RIGHT after you shave) Because I know when I shave my legs sometimes it's still not SUPER smooth if you rub my legs against the grain.

How do you recommend keeping it wet then, if not with a spray bottle? Also how much did you use for it to be effective? (ie, thick covering or light covering of "cream"?)

OMG sorry for all the questions!! Thanks for being so helpful (:
miaoudeminou 5th-May-2009 06:13 pm (UTC)
Oh it's no problem. It's why I joined the community.

I did notice that my lady bits were smoother vs shaving but I used to shave against the grain instead of with it (that and the next day I'd have that horrible itchy stubble while magic shave's stubble wasn't itchy). There weren't as many ingrown hairs with the Magic shave as there were with shaving against the grain (shaving with the grain I barely get any).

For keeping it wet you're going to have to use a spray bottle. I don't know of any other way. This is the only reason I truly hated the stuff. It just ended up all over my carpet (luckily if vacuums up nicely). I usually would a pretty thin covering of the stuff 'cause if you get too thick it dries and you want to avoid that with Magic cream.
amalishus 5th-May-2009 06:39 pm (UTC)
I have the same problem with my legs. I'm pretty sure that it's because my razor gets dull. The first time I shave with a new razor it's smooth as can be. The second time isn't quite as good but still ok. After that though it feels like the day after I shave. If you use a new blade and a good shaving cream you'll get the smoothest shave.

I have horribly dark thick hair so shaving is a big pain for me too.
paperdollkisses 5th-May-2009 09:29 am (UTC)
and I have a question too... did you get a lot of ingrowns?
miaoudeminou 5th-May-2009 06:14 pm (UTC)
I'm actually really prone to ingrown hairs around my lady bits. When I shave against the grain I have millions of them but when I shave with the grain or use magic shave I see maybe one or two.
kristengilmore 5th-May-2009 01:06 pm (UTC)
sorry to intrude on this post, but where can you buy magic shaving powder?
beatific 5th-May-2009 01:11 pm (UTC)
No worries! Glad that the post can help someone else (: It's available at like, Walgreens and Walmart I think. Not at Rite Aid though, I checked.
miaoudeminou 5th-May-2009 06:16 pm (UTC)
In my area I had problems finding it at Walmart. You can look there though but it's definitely found at Walgreens. I haven't had a hard time finding there although my Walgreens only stocks the "fragrance" one.
amalishus 5th-May-2009 06:36 pm (UTC)
Look in the men's shaving area. It's actually made for African American facial hair.
oursouls 5th-May-2009 04:15 pm (UTC)
I used it.
a. it worked OKAY, no different then shaving. It felt smoother but you could see black dots.
b. my hair was maybe as long as this letter I
c. I used it the next day and was fine.
d. for me, it was the same as shaving. I had stubble the following day.
e. I prefer to put the mixture on slightly dryer then it should be and then use the back side of a spoon to add water to whats pressed on me.

I still have the can in my bathroom. I won't be using it again. Too messy for the blah results. And it smells like insane rotten eggs for daysssss
miaoudeminou 5th-May-2009 06:18 pm (UTC)
And that's the problem I had too. It was really messy. I used two different spray bottles and both sprayed too much so the mixture (on me) would get really runny.
hemmelighete 6th-May-2009 01:11 am (UTC)
im really interested in this stuff! does your hair really grow back softer? ive had problems shaving 'down there' for YEARS and am really ashamed of it. i hate shaving with the grain because its not smooth at allllll, and if i shave against the grain i bleed horribly (less if i wait about a week between shaving, but i hate doing that), and growback is really, really uncomfortable.

& is it better than nair? ive tried that and it didnt work for me either.
Robert Johnson 11th-Apr-2014 07:33 pm (UTC)
This is funny to see this product being suggested for hair removal on the "lady bits". I used to be in charge of the Ship's Store on a US Navy destroyer. We carried the Magic Shave powder specifically for African American sailors who had problems with bumps and irritation after shaving. (Their faces.) Many of the sailors using this product complained that while it worked, it smelled and could cause burns if left on too long.
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