Long list of acrylic nail questions.

1:11 pm - 07/15/2008
Hey girls, I have a question..

I've gotten acrylic nails done quite a few times but never follow up with getting them filled and all that. Well, I like the ones I have now so I think I'm going to..I'm just concerned about a few things
A. The place where I got them done, is it okay for me to go to a different salon for the fill?
I had a horrible time there. The service was bad. The lady took my money and miscounted it thinking I was 10$ short. I kinda knew she was wrong but I got nervous and called my boyfriend to bring me some cash and told the woman he was on his way. She was almost done with my nails anyways, but instead of continuing to work she gave me a dirty look and walked outside to smoke a cigarette and clean out her car! She left me sitting there twiddling my half-done thumbs like an idiot with everyone in the salon staring at me. She had left the money on the counter though and I thumbed through it and saw it was actually 5$ MORE than I owed her. The owner of the salon frowned at the woman outside and came to finish the job and I pointed out to her the other tech's error. Finally the other girl came inside...The woman then blobbed 2 uneven coats of clear coat on me, didn't even check what they looked like, and sent me on my way without so much as a goodbye.
SO needless to say, I'm not too stoked about going back there. I just don't know if its cool to go to a different place entirely for a fill.

B. When you have gotten your nails done, do they puch back the cuticle so that more nail is visible? I am almost 100% sure they have done this every other time and I like it because I feel like the nail seems to grow out a little slower if you know what I mean. Also a friend said they are supposed to do it for some reason having to do with fungus getting under the nail? I have no idea but if I'm right, I might just push my own cuticles back before I even go to be sure.

C. I know you should get them filled every 2-3 weeks. I'm not certain how long it has been but the growth of my own nail can't be more than 1mm, they grow extremely slow. Is this alright? I don't want to walk in there and have them try and get me to buy a whole 'nother set.

And 1 more! Sorry, I just like to be educated as opposed to completely clueless. I know some of the cheaper nail salons can be a bit shady and not do things correctly.

D. I have been putting clear coat over the nails as they start to grow out because I think it looks better than bare nail showing at the bottom. Is this alright? I assume they will just file it off with their electric file and all will be well. Anyone had problems with anything like this?

Ok I guess there is one more..
E. Since I've never had my nails filled , what is the process exactly? Do they file off the top layer and just put new acrylic over it and the exposed nail? I'm just curious about it
iworshipsatin 15th-Jul-2008 05:22 pm (UTC)
While I have no problem with people using the electric files on the acrylics when it is on your bare nail it causes ridges and I would never go to anyone who does that. You get your nails filled whenever seems prudent there is no specific time line. Because of how fast mine grow I go every 1 1/2 weeks to 2 weeks.
I always keep up with my cuticles during the week or two between fills but Angela pushes them back when she does it as well. It doesn't matter either way.
They should remove anything on your fingers nails with polish remover before they start anyway so the drill question is pretty much moot.
sprklngdiamond5 15th-Jul-2008 05:29 pm (UTC)
A. Don't go back to that salon! It's totally okay to get a fill at a different place - it's the same process and the same nail goop at every salon.

B. You could push back your cuticles before you go, but they're going to do it regardless, just to be sure all the cuticle is out of the way. They push back the cuticle to make sure the nail seals all the way around on your nail; it's partly a fungus thing and partly an aesthetic thing.

C. You can go in as often as you need to get your nails filled. Generally they'll only try to put a new set on you if the fake nail has grown out more than halfway.

D. I put polish over my grown-out fake nails all the time. They should remove all the polish before they start the fill anyway.

E. The process is pretty simple and takes maybe a half hour. They remove the old polish, drill off the top layer of old acrylic, paint fresh acrylic over the whole nail, and then shape and paint the new nail.

I had acrylics for five years and I LOVED them. I miss them now!
emilene 15th-Jul-2008 05:32 pm (UTC)
A. I think it is usually better to go to the same nail place to get a fill, because not all nail places have the same color powder. I've gone to different places before and ended up with different colored nails.
B. Don't worry about pushing back the cuticle yourself, the nail tech will use their little spinning file machine to file back your cuticle and rough up the nail so the new acrylic will stick better.
C. I never keep track of when I get my fills, I just go when they start to look bad. Since your nails grow slow, you should be fine going back after a month or so. Just look at your nails and decide for yourself if the amount of acrylic that can be filled is enough to be worth the $15 fill.
D. It's totally fine to put a clear coat over the nails, I do the same thing. Again, the nail tech will file this off.
E. Correct
cassiec01 I'm a licensed nail tech....15th-Jul-2008 05:53 pm (UTC)
It is okay to go to a different salon to get your nails filled. If you have pink & whites (like a perma-french) you may be better off if you know what brand liquid & powder is used. That way, colors will match up better. Otherwise, it's under polish so it doesn't matter really if there is a difference in color.

It's best to go every 2 weeks if you can. If your nails grow slow you could probably get away with every 3 weeks.

A qualified nail tech using LEGAL nail products will never use a drill on your unprotected nail bed. The nail does not need "rouged up" for the new liquid & powder to stick.

The reason we push back the cuticle is to ensure that none of the enhancement sticks to the cuticle, b/c if it does, that encourages lifting, and then the growth of fungi

It's fine to put polish on, just be sure to use non-acetone remover.

As far as the fill process goes... there are 2 different options usually.
1. Rebuff: The nail tech removes polish, buffs the nail, pushes back the cuticle, and does a glue fill.
2. Rebase: The nail tech removes polish, blends regrowth with old enhancement, pushes back the cuticle and fills with acrylic
souliesoul 15th-Jul-2008 06:00 pm (UTC)
a. Yes you can go to another salon. Do not go back to somewhere that treats you badly. A good salon won't mind doing a monthly maintenance on a set stuck on elsewhere.

b. Yes, they have always (gently) pushed back the cuticle. It looks neater. They should do it for you, you shouldn't need to do it before.

c. If you have fast growing nails then 2-3 weeks may be necessary, but for the majority of people, a monthly infill and touch up should be all that's needed. Often, a salon will include 1 or 2 tips if you break them in a monthly maintenance (talk to your new salon to see their policy).

d. ...electric file?! That is so harsh, and can damage your own nail where it's exposed. But, yes, as part of the process the clear coat would be removed, either when the surface of the acrylic and nail are being roughed up or before then.

e. The process is: cuticles pushed back, file to remove any clear coat and provide a rough surface for the acrylic to adhere to. Then either by brush+dip or brushing on the mix, they then infill, going over so that it's smooth with the acrylic already in place. This is then smoothed over, filed and buffed. Usually then they apply a top coat of varnish/clear depending on what you want, and sometimes (Nat who does my nails now does, but the previous one didn't) apply a nail/cuticle oil.
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