Face full of blackheads and dry skin help!

7:45 am - 11/04/2010
I have skin that is literally covered in tiny blackeads, some larger ones and tiny bumps that are solid but have no head. Right now I wash my face a triclosan wash and then put aveeno face lotion on after. If I don't put the lotion on I have flakey skin but 3-4 hours later my skin is super oily.

Im really feeling down and have no clue how to help my dry oily itchy skin. I wash think about a new face wash, maybe some with hazel and a new lotion? any help would be great.

Neutrogina, clean and clear, clearasil, clinique and biore all irritate my skin.
the_mae_nymph 4th-Nov-2010 03:09 pm (UTC)
Have you tried cleansing oil? Do you exfoliate every time you wash your face? I do know that exfoliating can lead your face to produce more oil for a little period of time.
Anyway, I use MAC's Cleansing Oil, and after I use it, I don't have the need to use moisturizer, which is a first for me. Usually, I would use Juice Beauty's moisturizer. I get flaky skin along my forehead and eyebrows and nose unless I use moisturizer until now. Now, I use the cleansing oil, exfoliate with a little white brush kind of thing, and then I'm done. About 2 hours later, I'll be a little oily, but I use an acne face pad and rub my face lightly with it and the oil usually goes away and stays pretty minimal.
I've noticed the pores on my nose shrinking a bit and seeming a bit cleaner, so maybe this will work for you. I hesitate to call my pores blackheads because they don't come to heads, they just look like dirty pores.
roeita 4th-Nov-2010 03:36 pm (UTC)
I apply olive oil at night after washing my face before bed. It has helped me TONS with my oily skin. I know it sounds strange but it really helps.
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roeita 6th-Nov-2010 02:52 am (UTC)
:) No prob. I hope it works for you like it has for me.
removeyourpants 4th-Nov-2010 03:43 pm (UTC)
My skin is very dry AND oily. I guess that's why they call it combination skin, but I've always felt that it's combination skin TO THE MAX because my t-zone is obscenely oily but my cheeks get dry (in the winter) to the point of being red, itchy, and scaly. Annoying as hell. I think the products we use on our faces have a lot to do with it, and I'm wondering if maybe for you, if the Aveeno is not formulated correctly for your skin?

For my skin, I use two types of moisturizer. At night, I use a really heavy skin cream (Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream) that makes my skin feel retardedly soft. However, it's so heavy that I won't use it in the mornings cos I'll look like a glob of oil. It's good though because it doesn't contain any weird scents, botanical extracts, or just general weird shit to make my skin irritated. At night though, I don't care what I look like cos all I'm doing is sleeping. During the day I use Clinique's Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion because it's lighter.

If I were you, I would work on finding a really good moisturizer for you, because a good moisturizer will help your dry skin because nice and soft, and your oily skin stop producing so much damn oil on its own.

I like to check the product reviews over at makeupalley.com because there are a lot of people out there with weird ass skin who share similar stories to me.
miaoudeminou 4th-Nov-2010 04:34 pm (UTC)
Do you exfoliate? Try adding a gentle exfoliating scrub or the likes to your routine (1x/wk) and that should help some.

For dry skin try Garnier's Moisture Rescue line. It didn't break me out, it feels light but really does moisturize, the container lasts a while, and it's pretty cheap compared to similar products.
high_impact 5th-Nov-2010 12:00 am (UTC)
look into the oil cleansing method (different than cleansing oil btw).
_neverland 5th-Nov-2010 06:56 pm (UTC)
I have the same problem as the OP and I recently started OCM and not only is my skin looking LOOOOOADS better as far as my acne, but my skin has stopped producing so much oil. I exfoliate like 2-3 times a week just because my skin feels gross after a few days plus to get rid of blackheads, but I highly recommend OCM (as would many of the others in this community)! I was so hesitant to try it, but it works! I even put a little more olive oil on my face to moisturize it AFTER I use OCM at night just because the steaming makes my face still feel a little dried out, but I wake up in the morning and my skin looks/feels amazing. Not greasy at all and sososo soft.
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