American Eagle jeans restock?

4:01 pm - 09/13/2009
Does anyone know how long it takes American Eagle to get certain items back in stock online? I've been wanting to buy a particular pair of jeans so badly, but they aren't sold in stores, only online. Currently, the jeans I want in my size and inseam are out of stock online. Any idea when they might be back?
xhollydayx 15th-Sep-2009 07:07 pm (UTC)
Try calling or emailing customer service. I know that once they are out of stock of a top, it tends to not come back (however, there is an option on the site to locate in stores). For pants that aren't jeans, sometimes they re-stock. I've called and asked, sometimes they'll tell me "soon" or it's not coming back. With jeans, I'm not too sure b/c I don't really like how their jeans fit me.
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