mels_automatic (mels_automatic) wrote in beauty101,

Keratosis Pilaris & Epilators

So, thanks to this bad ass community, I finally identified the little red bumps I would constantly get only on my thighs -- Keratosis Pilaris! Anybody have any recs for good lotions with AHAs or Retin-A in them? I'm hoping that'll help shed the dead skin since my regular lotion isn't doing much for the KP.

Also, what's the deal with epilators and would it be okay for me to use one? I'm looking to use it only on my legs where I get really fine, light hairs. I was actually plucking them with my tweezers over the weekend (don't ask lol) and it didn't really hurt. Shaving leaves me not so smooth and I hate how quickly the hair grows back (even though you can't really see it, but the fuzz!). Waxing isn't something I want to do since it seems like a whole lot of work for not that much hair in the first place. Sooo, epilators -- yay/nay?

Mucho thanks!
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