eyebrow wax break out

10:09 pm - 06/14/2008
Hey There
I came here to ask a question about eyebrow waxing...

I just got my brows waxed and the skin above them have broken out pretty bad. (just in the area that was waxed) They look like little white heads but I can't tell if it's a zit or just some sort of irritation...
it's happened before and I can't remember how I got them to go away quick. I'm got an event to go to soon. Eeek

any suggestions?

xxspurplexx 15th-Jun-2008 04:28 am (UTC)
That happened the first couple of times I got my eyebrows waxed. I figured out it was the lotion-y stuff she used to get rid of the irritation. Last time I just had her use Witch Hazel, and I was more red afterwards but I didn't break out.

To make it go away, I mix a couple drops of tea tree oil into witch hazel and smear it over the area a couple times a day. If you can stand, I think it goes away faster if you keep make-up off of it. If tea tree oil doesn't work, I'd go for benzoyl peroxide if your skin is ok with it. Good luck!
heroin__eyes 15th-Jun-2008 04:43 am (UTC)
Yeah, zit cream sounds about right. Thanks !!
portorleans 15th-Jun-2008 05:39 am (UTC)
that's totally normal. it happens to me sometimes after i get my brows waxed. i think it depends on the wax and how different people have different "techniques" of doing it.
but it should go away in a day or so. if it even lasts that long.
the woman who usually does mine puts baby oil on the skin to soothe it
suturedhearts 15th-Jun-2008 05:59 am (UTC)
I always get this >_
wingnut20 15th-Jun-2008 04:41 pm (UTC)
I got my brows waxed and got that, and it spread into a bad breakout on my forehead and temples! Suggest your technician NOT use that cream. Something I've found that really soothes after plucking (and I imagine will help after waxing) are Bikini Zone pads. You just wipe them over the irritated area. They numb the skin a little bit and soothe the redness, and also kill bacteria (designed to keep bikini line razor burn and bumps away...it works on all skin including brows and legs). If I pluck, then use these pads, the redness disappears in minutes. I bet that would help...if you buy some and then use them as soon as you leave the salon.
skincare_expert 16th-Jun-2008 09:51 pm (UTC)
Ya, I would suggest alpha hydroxy acids for sure, the kind that are specifically meant for razor bumps-soothing and get rid of potential ingrown hairs and other irritations. And to tell your technician and maybe read the ingredients of whatever they were using so you can avoid similar products in the future.
angela woods 18th-Oct-2013 04:54 pm (UTC)
Hi, i have the same problem and it was my first time getting my eyebrows wax. Then this happens to me ! I want to fix it, but I dont want to use any harsh chemicals. So what do i use Please help me !
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