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Smelly flats

So for two posts in one day! I'm a mess lately.

I have this pair of ballet flats, and I adore them. I wear them almost every day. (I hate wearing sneakers, and it's too cold for flippies still, so these are pretty much my go-to shoes in the spring.) HOWEVER. I stepped in a puddle in them earlier, and while they held up fine in the water (since they are made with man-made materials), I've noticed that they smell undeniably like FEET now, whereas before they didn't so much. So my question is, how should I go about de-smellerizing them? Febreeze? Baking soda on the insoles? (I don't have any foot powder, but the earliest I'd be able to pick some up is this weekend and I'd kind of like to get this taken care of before it gets WORSE and you can smell my feet while the shoes are still on!)

Thanks y'all!

(xposted, sorry)
Tags: shoes, smelly shoes
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