yayfirstpost. :D Anyway, I looked through the tags and couldn't…

1:25 pm - 03/26/2008
yayfirstpost. :D

Anyway, I looked through the tags and couldn't really find anything on the subject, so I'm asking. :D

What exactly is threading as a hair removal method?

I know people use it on their eyebrows a bunch, and I can't help but think it sounds hoooorribly painful.

Also, this may have been asked before (sorry about that), but is it possible wax your upper lip at home?  If so, what are the best drugstore brands, if there are any? Preferrebly non-expensive, saving up for a mini-fridge. :D

Ahaha sorry, I'm really new to hair removal, and I just had a bad run in with a 'eyebrow/face hair personal trimmer' without realizing that I'd have a 'stache two days later. XD Whoops?

(Also, I'm sounding really British right now and I have no idea why... XD)
abriefeternity 26th-Mar-2008 10:45 pm (UTC)
i agree with everything in this comment.

just wanted to add on: my skin seems to be more sensitive than most people and i am very light-skinned, so i wear big sunglasses after getting my eyebrows done and then slather on some aloe vera gel when i get home...and then try not to leave the house for the rest of the day, haha. the pain isn't really bad...it might make your eyes water the first time, but after that you'll be fine. it's totally worth it-- it only takes five minutes out of your day once a month.

just be very specific about how you want your brows to look when you get them done; i love the place i go to, but i had a different lady do mine once and they were horrible!

p.s. - i love your icon!
shorty_doowop78 26th-Mar-2008 06:32 pm (UTC)
threading really isnt that painful for the eyebrows. i also thread my upper lip and that hurts a little more but it isnt unbearable.

i wax my sister's upper lip at home sometimes using those sally hansen wax strips. the ones you just warm up in your hands and then peel apart. i also use them for my knuckles. i'm hairy like that :(
oursouls 26th-Mar-2008 09:18 pm (UTC)
my roommate used something by sally hansen that worked like nair does.
when_in_prison 27th-Mar-2008 02:32 am (UTC)
Threading is AMAZING! I'm sorry I can't give more info, but I've had it done once and it was the best thing ever.

I was my upper lip using the Sally Hansen wax from Walgreens. I can't use Nair or Veet because they give me chemical burns/allergic reactions.
xhollydayx 27th-Mar-2008 02:56 am (UTC)
I do not currently thread, but I've had it done and it's not really that painful. It actually hurts a little less than waxing.

I currently wax my brows and upper lip at home. I use a kit from Sally Beauty Supply - GiGi Honee Cream Wax for Sensitive Skin. It comes with four little bottles of liquid (pre-wax, wax remover for post wax, concealer stuff that is gross, and post wax stuff), a jar of wax, lots of wooden spatulas in two sizes, and muslin strips. It's pretty easy to use and under $20. Pop a Tylenol about 30 minutes before you start to cut down on teh pain. Heat the wax as directed (I nuke it for thirty second increments, stirring between). Once it's a good consistency and not too hot (you don't want to burn yourself), wipe down with the pre wax stuff. Sometimes I do a light dusting of powder to help the wax not stick to my skin. Use a smaller spatula to apply a THIN layer to the skin in the direction that the hair grows. The key is a very thin layer - less is more. Use a strip cut to size on top, and press down in the direction that the hair grows. I press over it a few times, then rip it off against the direction that the hair grows. I like to soak a cotton pad in cold water or milk, and then lay that on top for a second to soothe.
obscenely 27th-Mar-2008 10:44 am (UTC)
I wax my upper lip at home. I use waxaway wax strips.. I jstu get the leg ones & cut them up.. works the same as the face ones & get more for cheaper.
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