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best hair volumizer/root lifter?

hi, I'm asking this question for my mom. she has really fine, thin hair with no life to it. she always wants more volume, but has NO idea on what products to use. she is a sucker for salespeople telling her which products they love....I'm always really skeptical whenever people try to sell stuff.

my hair is VERY VERY different from my mothers so I have no idea which products would be best. I've never used anything to give volume or lift.

SO--I was thinking you lovely people here could be of some help! :-)

what products would you recommend?

my mom remembers someone using the Big Sexy Hair, "such a tease: backcomb in a bottle" ....she really liked it. has anybody here used it? if its crap, can you recommend something better? (I searched "MakeupAlley and nobody had reviewed the product!)

does anybody know of a generic form of it?

I was thinking Sally Beauty Supply might have something similar but when I looked online I couldn't find anything specific that said "generic version of --". I could ask someone who works at sallys but a lot of times they aren't very good at helping me.

thank you so much! I know my mom will be psyched if I find a great product for her :-)

edit: my mom always blowdries her hair and it looks good at first but falls flat very quickly. she wants to learn new tricks on styling, but she gets lazy pretty easily and doesn't do much usually. (which is part of the reason her hair is so lack-luster)

sooo, any styling tips that are QUICK would be great too!
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