Ksenia (pinkstiletto510) wrote in beauty101,

toning down bright hair

I had my hair colored today at a salon training...and the color is way too bright. I didn't say anything (i know, I know) because I had been there for 4 hours already and kind of assumed it was a misunderstanding between the stylist and myself. I wanted a Amy Adams/Lily Cole type light, coppery color but feel like my hair has ended up electric orange.

this is my hair in natural light, hours after the color

Will it mellow out if I wash it today? I plan on lightening my eyebrows a bit too so maybe it'll seem less drastic but right now it seems super super bright and orange (not copper) I could get to a Sallys as well and pick up some product but I'm not sure what I'd want to use. I like the lightness, I guess I just want it a bit more muted? I'm a little afraid of causing tons of damage to my hair as the stylist today first bleach washed it (bleach+shampoo) to lift then deposited color. Also, she didn't get close enough to my roots in a couple spots so those areas are still pretty dark.

Advice? ideas? much thanks! I'm a bit in shock.... I've messed up my own hair plenty of times and also went blonde-blonde a few summers ago so I'm used to weird colors but I'm the soloist for a big concert coming up in a couple weeks and my dress happens to be bright red and I don't want to look like a fireball on stage

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