5:11 pm - 08/25/2015
New to report, and also please predecessors, friends exhibitions.

Is ombre out?

1:39 pm - 07/14/2015
I've been wanting to switch up my hair a bit, and I think adding some blonde to my brunette hair would look cute. I don't want regular highlights. I used to have ombre hair, but I cut it so it's all gone now. :(

Would you guys say ombre is officially "out"? I see fewer and fewer people with it. I live in NYC as a reference, so maybe it's a regional thing?

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5:56 pm - 06/09/2015
I was in love with it,when i saw it first.

Help Me With My Hair?

4:49 pm - 03/01/2015
In the past this community has been very helpful in helping me decide how to get my hair cut. It's been about a year since I've had my hair cut and I need one bad!

I have some ideas that I've put below. I also have a picture of my face under the cut. My hair is generally very flat with little volume. Can you vote in the poll to help me figure out how to get my hair cut? Or if you have a great idea for how I should do my hair, could you post that in the comments?

Thanks for your help!

the poll and my pictureCollapse )


7:16 pm - 02/04/2015


i can’t believe this day came i`m a fan of zoella since 2011 long time ago and i known her with long heathly beautiful hair the same hair for more than four years and now that zoella haircut just happen for me it`s big big news you have to see her she look amazing love her


i think zoella haircut are more beautiful on her she is so lovely and cute

here are some photos of zoella haircut

Zoella Haircut

Zoella Haircut

Zoella Haircut

Zoella Haircut

Zoella Haircut

Zoella Haircut

Zoella Haircut

Zoella Haircut

so what do you think guys of zoella haircut do love it ?

Stay beautiful!!

how to get long eyelashes Aspyn Ovard

Hello beautiful .

Do you want super long eyelashes ? i know i want :D here some secret i got for you ,if you know the youtube beauty blogger Aspyn ovard then you know how she have this beautiful long eyelashes that i`m sure everyone dream of, anyway she was kind enough to sure the secret with us and told us how to get long eyelashes without mascara .

how to get long eyelashes

Aspyn Ovard

Aspyn Ovard

use this powerful serum that give you the best result and Aspen Ovard said it would last you along time 6 month you can get it at amazon for only $35.00 and you can read a lot of great review about it

so who dose not want to get long eyelashes i know i want so i want to give it arty i trust aspen over she won’t  recommend if it not so good


from the internet

I purchased this product about a month and a half ago for I was considering getting eyelash extensions. However, I knew that I would have to go in every few weeks to have a fill done. I didn’t really want the maintenance and the expense. I saw this product at my hair salon and asked my stylist what she thought. (she does my permanent eyeliner and brows so I trust her opinion) She loved the product, used it herself and I noticed that her eyelashes looked amazingly long and full. They were asking an incredibly high price for the conditioner serum and the mascara as a set and I remembered that I had seen that Amazon had the same two items at a much lower price.

I purchased them and low and behold, 4 weeks later my lashed had doubled in length, and looked amazingly fuller. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone needing longer, healthier lashes…. :)

This product really works! I had eyelash extensions for 9 months and had to have them removed because of irritation. My real lashes were so damaged and super short. After 6-8 weeks of using BABE, my lashes are almost as long as my extensions were! I really am amazed at how well it works! I did use it morning and night because I didn’t have any irritation from using it, so I’m sure that helped them grow faster. Great product!

Aspyn Ovard

Aspyn Ovard

so what do you think girls of this serum that aspen ovard use if anyone had tried it tells please is it really that good and make your eyelashes super long as people clams ?

if you find this post helpful or you learn something please share it & like us on Facebook

Have A long Beautiful EyeLashes ;D




4:02 pm - 02/02/2015
Hello friends,

This may be a long shot, however, I am looking for a thing that is similar to Biore strip, but for my entire face.

Is there something out there like this? Whether it be a sheet you put over your face or a cream-like mask?

I want to be able to see my blackheads, once I peel the thing off, haha.

I hope someone can help!

On January 2 I fell and broke my leg in two places, requiring surgery. (I have been telling people I was hit by a flying unicorn, which is a better story.) I spent two weeks in bed except for getting up to use the bathroom; then I got a cast and now I can get up for a little while every day, but the recovery is frustratingly slow. And I cannot take a hot bath every night, which is my normal habit. I can't take a shower or use a body scrub or a buffer. All I can do is sponge off with a washcloth. (I tried using a cast cover and it's too hard to get on; a trash bag doesn't really keep the cast dry.) Also I just moved to a new apartment and my income is pretty limited now, so I can't buy a lot of products; if I need something new it has to be Target/drugstore.

All that skin, especially my neck but also arms and legs, is getting super dry. I am drinking plenty of water, but I get almost no exercise except for moving around inside my apartment on crutches. My neck feels dry and bumpy, my legs (especially the thigh above my cast, but legs/hips/bum etc. in general) are dry and almost scaly. (My face is OK with its normal routine.) The heating here is forced air and the vent is near my bed; moving the bed is not an option.

What can I do to deal with this? Do I need special lotion? I have Amlactin, Lubriderm and my sentimental favorite, Lush Potion, but none of them seem to be quite what I need and I definitely cannot deal with stinky Amlactin right on my neck. Suggestions?

(no subject)

2:42 pm - 01/12/2015
I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried doing an at home chemical peel, and if so, could you share your experience?
Thanks in advance!
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