Base Coat Nail Polish

10:43 am - 07/11/2014
I'm starting to swap out my polishes for the less toxic brands, which means I can't keep using my go-to base coat (Sally Hansen. Also China glaze is out! So.Sad. Why with the formaldehyde?). I'm looking at: Zoya, which I've never used any of; OPI, I tried a top coat of theirs and wasn't impressed but I like the way the colors wear; or ORLY, love the colors and their top coat is pretty good. Anyone have a hands-down favorite base coat from these brands (specific one please, I know most have a few options)? I'd also consider something like Butter London, but OMG the price tag on that.
I'm moving into a more professional phase of my life and am coming up on that time where I'll be needing a suit, or suit separates, soon. Problem is my size (20) and cost. I love the Calvin Klein suits at Macys, but at $170 that's just not in the budget, and they never go on sale. I find Lane Bryant's options too frumpy/old lady for me, and again, very expensive though they do sometimes have sales. Torrid's prices are high, and frankly their quality is questionable. I have an interview at Maurice's today, so if I get the job there I'll get a 40% discount, but they rarely sell matching pieces, just separates. Are there any other places I'm not thinking of? I seriously went into every store that sells professional women's clothing at the outlet center we were in last weekend and asked if they sold plus sizes and none did.

If you know of a place and I can get picky, I prefer grey or patterned, at least 3 button jacket, with a skirt. Has to be a place with either free return shipping if online, or a real brick and mortar store in the Detroit area because suits are so dependent on fitting perfectly. I can do minor alterations myself, and my neighbor is a tailor, so no worries there.

Funky Hair Color

10:26 pm - 06/23/2014
Anyone able to do a comparison of Ion Color Brilliance to either Special Effects or Pravana Vivids? I'm currently cooking the clear Ion in the hopes of getting a protective layer to maintain color longer and maybe some boost for my super fine hair.
I love the way SFX coats my hair and makes it fuller for a week or two after dyeing. But they've twice now in the time I've used them let their warehouses go empty (massive shortages and everyone panics) and the runoff is such a pain. They've got the best colors and coverage though.
I like Pravana well enough, but the smell is too strong for me and sticks around for two weeks (smells like irish spring or some other super 'clean' scent), and the red is awful/coppery while the magenta doesn't cover very well. Doesn't rub off and is a whole lot easier to rinse than SFX, though it fades a little faster I'd trade it if it weren't for the poor reds and the migraine-inducing smell.
The Ion I've got on now smells a little and is starting to get to me, but not as bad as the Pravana. I like the squeeze bottle application a lot more than the other options, I feel like I'll waste less product and it's way faster and less likely to fling dye everywhere. Smaller bottles are also better for me since I do at least 3 colors at a time, I'll buy more often but it'll be cheaper and fresher product. If Ion is reasonably comparable to either of the other brands I might give it a go next time, but it takes me almost two hours to put dye in and I'd rather not do that if it's going to fade quickly or bleed like crazy. I also need pretty opaque coverage, I don't bleach any more and I've got grays that just don't like to cover.

(no subject)

9:04 am - 06/19/2014
Hello all!

I'm looking for a product that can temporary replace my Boots N07 True Identity foundation in a hurry because I have a wedding to attend and so far all I've found was to order online (which I don't have time for!) and no more foundation. Anything drugstore that's a close match please.

About my nails

9:39 pm - 06/15/2014

I have a couple of questions about my nails.
My nails break and I had a thin layer of nail
on my thumb peel off. What can I do? Is there
any hardeners that are affordable, but doesn't have
too many chemicals that I can use?

Also, can a nail polish stain your nails?
I had one nail polish for months before I
decided to use it and when it started to
chip, I took it off and it left my nails
stained yellow (or it might have been the
nail polish remover that we had for several
years). I had to grow my nail out to slowly
get rid of it.



Hair Color Help!

9:17 am - 06/15/2014
I'm naturally a dirty blonde, but I've been coloring my hair various shades of blonde and brown for 8 years or so. For the past almost five years, I've been going consistently to dark browns, sometimes a dark auburn, and staying away from bleach/hair lightening. For the past year or so though, I've been really wanting to get my blonde back. The person who usually does my hair is a family friend who doesn't charge. Any time I bring up going blonde, she says she won't/can't do it because it would damage my hair. My hair is healthier than it has been in years, and I'm fully aware of the damage it would cause by going lighter. I'm also fully prepared to baby my hair after its done. I'm thinking the only reason she doesn't want to do it is because of the whole not getting paid thing. I've been saving up my money to go to another salon. My question is…do you think it would be possible to get my hair the way I want it? Around how much would it typically cost?

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Dark spots on face

11:35 pm - 06/11/2014

A couple summers ago I noticed my face had tanned irregularly while at the beach. My skin is relatively fair, though I get a bit of a golden tan in the summer. I always wear at least 30 spf sunscreen and I'm not quite sure why my skin is suddenly getting blotchy, except that I'm getting older. Anyway, it's a bummer, and I'm looking to find a reliable serum or cream that actually works to lighten dark spots. I have some blotchy patches on my forehead, and a few spots on my cheeks. Any suggestions of something that really works?

Thank you in advance! 
I have a justfab credit, and their shoes are pretty shoddy quality, so I figured I'll just buy a bag. Problem is, I'm painfully indecisive. I've been able to narrow it down to three styles, but I can't decide on a color. In general I get neutral bags, but I'm wondering if, since 80% of my wardrobe is black, I should get something in some sort of color. So I've just kinda listed the color options that I don't find absolutely terrible with the bags. The smallest bag is the second one, which is 17"L
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Also, has anyone put a bright pink dye (like Manic Panic hot hot pink or Color Jamz Raspberry kamikaze) over reddish/brownish hair? My hair color, in all of it's brushed out glory, currently loos like this. I don't want to use anything other than a veggie-based dye because I'm trying to grow out my natural color but I can't stand the current color.

Thank you for all the help! 
I do historical reenactment for fun. Of course, in the good old days (1600s) women didn't have short hair. I wear a cap, so I just need the illusion of long hair by pulling back all my little bits. I posted not too long ago with photos of my hair, so reference that if you need a visual, but for an idea, the back length is about 2 inches past my hair line, from the crown about 4 inches (so that doesn't reach the bottom). The sides from about halfway back I can get pulled back. I can get about an inch ponytail where I need it, but I need it to be flat, so should I just twist that to my head and pin the hell out of it? Or is there a better/more secure method? And then how to secure my front choppy bits/bangs? Just pin them to the hat band? (the hats I wear are this and this)

Thanks for any input!
Is it bad for your skin if you keep changing beauty products? For example, I've been trying to find a really good night cream/SPF moisturizer/toner. I get small sample sizes that each last a couple of months, and when each one runs out, I try something new--is that harmful for my skin in any way?
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