If you are lucky and endowed with beautiful brown peepers then you should definitely learn how to do make up for brown eyes. A beautiful set of brown eyes can be enhanced and made to catch all the attention with just a tiny bit of help of make up you can add a totally different to your face.

Eye makeup tricks for brown eyes are fairly simple. How to do makeup for brown eyes,Make-up tricks and smokey eye make up tutorial! I have it all covered here in this highly informative article.

What is sunburn?

Sunburn is a form of radiation burn resulting from excess exposure of the skin to ultraviolet radiation coming from the sun. In a simpler way, when your skin is exposed to the sun for a period of time, this will eventually lead to burns, which can be visible on your skin’s reddish color and irritation. Is there any natural sunburn treatment? Yes there is, and that is what I am about to show you, so be patient and read on.

Sunburn affects many parts of the body; especially those parts that are not usually covered by clothe, such as face, hands, neck, etc. In this very short guide, I will show what I used in treating sunburn when I had it, and within a period of three weeks, I noticed a significant improvement on my skin.

Contrary to what many people believe, sunburn is not only caused by exposure to sun’s radiation, but can also be caused by lightening creams and soaps, how? If you keep using lightening creams or soaps that contain hydroxyl acid (AHA), this will increase your skin’s sensitivity to sun’s radiation.

Okay, enough of the causes, let’s get straight to business; how do you treat sunburn on your skin or face? This leads us to the main topic of today; how to treat sunburn naturally, using homemade materials.

How to treat sunburn
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3 невероятных омолаживающих маски для лица
1. Желатиновая
1 чайную ложку желатина замочить 3 столовыми ложками воды или молока. Через 5 минут поставить смесь на водяную баню и растворить желатин полностью. Не нагревать смесь более чем 50-60 градусов. Я наливаю кипяток в металлическую емкость и ставлю туда емкость с желатином.
Затем добавляем 2-4 таблетки Спирулины( ее нужно предварительно растолочь), половину чайной ложки меда, половину чайной ложки оливкового масла. Перемешиваем.
Остужаем 2-5 минут. Наносим на лицо и шею. Можно наносить слой за слоем, пока не нанесете всю смесь на лицо.
Оставляем на лице на 15-20 минут. Затем смыть теплой водой при помощи спонжика или ватного тампона.
Маску делают 2 раза в неделю курсом (10).

1 столовая ложка риса отваривается в 1 стакане молока до готовности. Если жидкости будет не хватать - можно добавить немного воды. Протереть отварной рис через ситечко. Добавить 1 чайную ложку меда и 1 желток. Смесь должна получится как сметана по консистенции. Наносим маску на лицо и шею.
Оставляем на 20-25 минут. Затем смыть теплой водой при помощи спонжика или ватного тампона.
Маску делают 2 раза в неделю курсом (10).

3. Мед и корица
1 чайная ложка корицы смешивается с 1 чайной ложкой меда. Смесь наносится на лицо на 15 минут. Если появляется неприятное жжение маску смыть.


5:11 pm - 08/25/2015
New to report, and also please predecessors, friends exhibitions.

Is ombre out?

1:39 pm - 07/14/2015
I've been wanting to switch up my hair a bit, and I think adding some blonde to my brunette hair would look cute. I don't want regular highlights. I used to have ombre hair, but I cut it so it's all gone now. :(

Would you guys say ombre is officially "out"? I see fewer and fewer people with it. I live in NYC as a reference, so maybe it's a regional thing?

(no subject)

5:56 pm - 06/09/2015
I was in love with it,when i saw it first.

Help Me With My Hair?

4:49 pm - 03/01/2015
In the past this community has been very helpful in helping me decide how to get my hair cut. It's been about a year since I've had my hair cut and I need one bad!

I have some ideas that I've put below. I also have a picture of my face under the cut. My hair is generally very flat with little volume. Can you vote in the poll to help me figure out how to get my hair cut? Or if you have a great idea for how I should do my hair, could you post that in the comments?

Thanks for your help!

the poll and my pictureCollapse )


7:16 pm - 02/04/2015


i can’t believe this day came i`m a fan of zoella since 2011 long time ago and i known her with long heathly beautiful hair the same hair for more than four years and now that zoella haircut just happen for me it`s big big news you have to see her she look amazing love her


i think zoella haircut are more beautiful on her she is so lovely and cute

here are some photos of zoella haircut

Zoella Haircut

Zoella Haircut

Zoella Haircut

Zoella Haircut

Zoella Haircut

Zoella Haircut

Zoella Haircut

Zoella Haircut

so what do you think guys of zoella haircut do love it ?

Stay beautiful!!
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