OPI polish online?

4:55 pm - 11/16/2014
Since Trans Design and Victoria Nail Supply no longer sell OPI polish, what are other reputable websites where you can buy it for relatively cheap prices (around $4 - $6 per bottle)?
Coloring your own hair is quite popular nowadays, no longer could it be simply to address grey, persons use it being a declaration of the own individuality. And it's no longer just pure browns and darkis individuals are opting for they are trying out a number of purples, red blues and shades.
Some temporary lots of ways that your own hair can be colored by your, some lasting and there are. Among the most typical ways particularly for young people is bleach which bleaches or eliminates every one of the color out of your hair. Additionally, there are permanent hair coloring items that dye your hair another colour (not brown). These perform by utilizing an oxidising agent (hydrogen peroxide) and an alkalizing component (ammonia) to lift the cuticle of the hair shaft and permit along with to penetrate under the floor. This is the reason hair can frequently feel after using a permanent dyes dried.
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What's your favorite brand of high heel foot cushions/inserts? Right now I'm looking at getting either Pedag or Foot Petals, but wondering if there's anything else worth looking at. If it makes a difference, these will primarily be for my wedding shoes, which will turn into a pair of kick ass heels post-wedding.
E. Burnham Cosmetics 7 tips for the week!

Here are 7 tips for protecting your skin against the effects of aging and for having healthier, more vibrant skin - no matter what your age.

Tip 1: Wash your face every morning: When you wake up each morning, your skin is coated with layers of dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and dust. To clean your skin of these impurities, part of your morning ritual should include washing your face. You might also periodically use a mild exfoliant, which can remove layers of dead skin cells that collect overnight to reveal the healthy skin underneath.

Tip 2: Get plenty of rest: Nowadays, people are working longer hours and packing more activities into each hour of the day, increasing the potential for more stressful lives. Stress releases hormones within your body which some studies show may diminish your cells’ ability to regenerate. One excellent way to combat the effects of stress is to get a good night’s sleep. Getting at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep each night is good for your mind and for your skin.

Tip 3: Avoid cigarette smoke: Whenever possible, you need to reduce your exposure to smoke and other pollutants. Pay particular attention if you smoke cigarettes or live/ work around people who do. Cigarette smoke is absolutely detrimental to healthy skin. Smoke fills your blood with carbon monoxide, which then edges out the life-giving oxygen that your cells need. Smoke also uses up the vitamin C in your blood, which is important for the preservation of collagen in your skin (see below).

Tip 4: Use sunscreen every day, even on cloudy days: You have probably heard this before, but it remains as true now as ever: use sunscreen every day. How many times have you seen a nice-looking 40, 50, or 60-year old person whose face and neck have become weathered and wrinkled while the skin on other parts of their body still looks young and taut? If what we know about the positive effects of sunscreen were known 30 or 40 years ago, these folks would have much softer, more beautiful skin today. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of what science has proven: sunscreen helps fight the effects of aging skin - even on cloudy days.

Tip 5: Wear a hat when going out into the sun for extended periods: If you find that you will be going out into the sun for extended periods of 30 minutes or more, be sure to wear a hat. This provides an added layer of protection beyond sunscreen. Even one or two serious sunburns can have lasting negative effects on the health of your skin.

Tip 6: Get plenty of vitamin A: Our skin has a complicated relationship with sunlight. On the one hand, skin needs sunlight in order to produce enough vitamin D, which is essential for the proper absorption and use of calcium. On the other hand, too much sun can damage the skin and can also contribute to premature aging of the skin and wrinkles. Fortunately, recent studies have confirmed that applying cream containing vitamin A directly to the skin appears to remove wrinkles associated with natural aging (Archives of Dermatology, May 2007).

Tip 7: Apply vitamin C to your skin: Collagen is a natural component of your skin which helps to naturally smooth out wrinkles. Collagen production in the skin can be hurt by the natural process of oxidation, a process whereby the free radicals in oxygen break down cell tissues. Applying vitamin C - a natural antioxidant - to the skin can help stimulate collagen production and thereby smooth out wrinkles in the skin.

Maintaining healthy skin requires daily attention, but the good news is that there are many things you can do to stay looking healthy. Even if you have been neglecting your skin for months or years because you have been too busy, it is never too late. Try these tips for a few weeks and you should notice a marked improvement in the beauty, glow and health of your skin.

Affordable eyelash curler?

6:58 pm - 09/17/2014
I am looking for a good quality, affordable eyelash curler. My eyes are small-ish and I have long, very straight lashes.

Not looking to spend more than $15.

Finding wedding shoes

7:33 am - 09/07/2014
I need help finding wedding shoes!

This is my wedding dress.

My dress is really non-traditional and the length means that my shoes will be completely visible to everybody for the entire time. I was originally thinking something like these, but I'm questioning if silver is a "safe" choice.

I've googled celebrities wearing cobalt blue dresses to see what color shoes they wear. It's mostly a lot of blacks, nude and silver, but with some pops of color thrown in. I saw a couple with some neon yellow and green, and also some coral pink.

My bridesmaids will be wearing some coral pink dresses, so I was thinking about finding some shoes in the same color family. Nothing seems to be giving me that "WOW!" factor.

I have a lot of personality, and so does my dress. I want my shoes to walk that line between show stopping and show stealing. Everyone will be seeing them, but I don't necessarily want my shoes to be the focal point of my outfit.

I have plenty of time until my summer wedding, but I feel like I've exhausted my searching. I'm looking for something that's potentially re-wearable (just like my dress!) with a heel height of not more than 4 inches. I'd prefer to spend under $50, but I need ideas more than anything else.

Links and photos would be much appreciated!

EDIT 9/8/14: after a ton of searching yesterday, I found something that fit my personality and coordinated with my dress! ended up buying these, and now I can't wait for them to get here!

Hair dye removal

2:03 am - 08/10/2014
The beginning of March was the last time I dyed the under layer of my hair using Manic Panic (I think it was either Atomic Turquoise or Voodoo Blue, I have both), I started in November. Since I don't bleach and I just dyed over my natural strawberry blonde hair, the color faded from a turquoise to a green in a few weeks, and is now a not so flattering light algae green that will not leave my hair.

I have tried:

  • vitamin C + dandruff shampoo

  • baking soda + dandruff shampoo

  • regular, sulfate shampoo

  • soaking in bath salts for an hour + at a time

  • and of course not redyeing it since March

The only thing that has been the least effective has been the bath salts, but that really wrecks havoc on my hair until I wash it at least three times after.

I usually use a paraben free, sulfate free, fairly natural shampoo and conditioner, which has probably contributed to the dye sticking around so long, ironically.

A few years back I dyed it a turquiose color, I think it was SFX, which came out green. I had tried to get rid of it with one of those Color Oops kind of kits, which had worked well at getting out red dyes for me before, and it did nothing. Apparently blue based dyes either hate my hair and refuse to take (which has happened before) or they stick around forever. I had to bleach the green out last time, but I'm not willing to do that again.

Does anyone have any suggestions for things I can try? I'm so tired of this dye at this point. I want to be able to dye it another color without the green affecting the outcome and I'd like to be able to put my hair up again without the few inches of new growth and the sickly color showing.

I am out of ideas besides dyeing over it, though I don't really want to use a harsh dye. I am considering henna, does anyone have experience hennaing directly over an unnatural color? I've hennaed before just over my natural hair and over a dye mimicking my natural color that I had over the still bleached half of my hair. If henna is a viable option, can anyone recommend some good online sites to buy from? Even better if they give examples of how the color might turn up over different hair shades.
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Cruelty-Free Hair Removal

10:10 pm - 07/21/2014
Hi everyone! I've been lurking this community for a while and I know I'm not the only one who's into cruelty-free beauty! I recently wrote a pretty informative post on cruelty-free hair removal here that might be of interest to some of you ladies (and men).

I know this IS my personal blog, but I'm hoping the mods will be cool with me posting this article here considering the subject.
I've found recently that my scalp loves shampoo with tea tree oil. However, my hair HATES shampoos/conditioners with silicone. I'm finding it difficult to find one without the other. Help?
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